Cost Effective Smart-Device App Development


I noticed something interesting this morning. At my neighborhood Peet’s Coffee, where I ritually stop by every morning, usually I see a number of people hunched over their laptops, checking email, browsing the web, or doing some other work, a scene that is very similar across all coffee shops. However, today I noticed three people with iPads, one of them being myself.

This is a very high ratio for iPad. A single device from a single company against laptops and netbooks made by so many different companies, and for so many years. Clearly people love their iPads.

Colin Crawford in his blog The iPad Advantage competently argues how quickly these smart devices are growing and the fantastic opportunities that they present to content publishers. Same is true for business apps. Your users are on iPads and other similar devices scheduled to be released soon. Doesn’t it make sense for your apps to work well on them and deliver a user experience that is compatible with the strengths of these devices?

The problem is that creating native apps requires expensive traditional development. For most apps there simply isn’t adequate ROI. Furthermore, apps made for one platform, say iPhone, are incompatible with other platforms, such as Android or Blackberry.

However, two standards are supported by all smart devices: HTML and JavaScript. You can create great web apps that come very close to native app user experience. Provided that your application engine renders its user interfaces in such way that takes advantage of the strengths of smart devices.

Caspio’s platform-as-a-service has proven to be very effective in enabling the creation of such web apps cost effectively and without requiring any development skills. Since the introduction of our kit for iPhone, iPad and Android we have seen a growing number of our customers creating such applications.

The ROI is phenomenal. No coding and no upfront investment is required. A point-and-click application builder that is designed for non-developers guides the users to create polished, scalable and user friendly web application that rival native apps. What’s more is that Caspio can also power traditional web apps competently. It’s new paradigm in application creation that CIOs and business owner need to know about.

Are the users of smart devices expecting a better experience with your apps and databases than what you are offering on your web site?