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We are in the final stages of the release of Caspio Bridge 5.0. This release is packed with a long list of new features and user interface enhancements. I will begin discussing some of these features here in my upcoming posts.

Our development team will be opening this release for a brief beta period. If you are interested to check your DataPages and apps in version 5.0, sign up to participate in the beta program.

This is how the beta program is going to work. We will copy an image of your account to our beta servers. Your original account remains intact and will continue to serve your applications. The copied account will be upgraded to Caspio Bridge 5.0 and you will be able to sign in and verify your applications and try the new features. Your beta account is for testing and verification purposes only and at the end of the beta program it will be erased. We will have no provision to move anything from your beta accounts to your permanent account.

All standard Caspio Bridge DataPages will continue to work as before after this upgrade. With the beta program you will have the chance of ensuring your customizations are compatible with the new release.

The beta program is open to all regular accounts (no Trial and SOHO).

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