Sign up for Caspio Bridge 5.0 Beta


We are in the final stages of the release of Caspio Bridge 5.0. This release is packed with a long list of new features and user interface enhancements. I will begin discussing some of these features here in my upcoming posts.

Our development team will be opening this release for a brief beta period. If you are interested to check your DataPages and apps in version 5.0, sign up to participate in the beta program.

This is how the beta program is going to work. We will copy an image of your account to our beta servers. Your original account remains intact and will continue to serve your applications. The copied account will be upgraded to Caspio Bridge 5.0 and you will be able to sign in and verify your applications and try the new features. Your beta account is for testing and verification purposes only and at the end of the beta program it will be erased. We will have no provision to move anything from your beta accounts to your permanent account.

All standard Caspio Bridge DataPages will continue to work as before after this upgrade. With the beta program you will have the chance of ensuring your customizations are compatible with the new release.

The beta program is open to all regular accounts (no Trial and SOHO).

Reduce SPAM, and Eliminate Data Chaos for Free


Most web hosting companies give their customers a CGI for email forms. You make a form and use their CGI to have the submissions emailed to you.

There are two major problems with this approach. The first is that with most of these CGIs your email address is in the source code of the form and accessible to email harvesters. If you have one of these forms on your site, chances are your email account is full of junk.

The second problem is that all your submissions are in your email folders and unless you manually cut and paste your emails to a database your submissions are scattered among hundreds or thousands of emails.

You can have both of these problem solved with Caspio Bridge. Forms created with Caspio Bridge never contain your email address, even if you have configured them to send you notification emails. Furthermore, since all you submissions are stored in your Caspio Bridge database, you can destroy your notification emails knowing that at any time you can run searches and reports on your database or export your data.

The success and efficiency of your company is largely dependent on your systems and processes. Caspio Bridge gives you the most critical tool for your business web site, and the SOHO accounts are completely free.



We’ve been reluctant exhibiting at trade shows and conferences for a long time. It’s been hard to justify the cost, particularly with recent low attendance at these events.

Just last month we broke the habit and exhibited at the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco. It was a fantastic experience for us. We made new friends, met like-minded people, and talked to the press.

Today, ISPCON Fall 2006 begins in Santa Clara and we’ll be there with a modest presence.
Our biggest interest in ISPCON  is creating a channel of design firms, consultants and hosting providers. We have a turnkey program to get them started offering Caspio Bridge to their customers and earn revenue share or affiliate fees.

Web Enabling the Small Business


At Caspio, we come across many small businesses that either don’t have a web presence at all or are not satisfied with what they have. I have a seven-step guide to help the small company move its business online. It shows how to business-enable a small company web site.

  1. Setup a web site. Go with a brand-name hosting company but initially select the most basic package. You can always upgrade.
  2. Use your web host’s site builder. If their’s is not that great, check out Site Kreator which works with all web hosting services. Unless you are a web designer, don’t even attempt at designing a web site. Go with a pre-designed template without being too picky. Instead put your effort on your site’s content. Make it action oriented so people want to buy from you or contact you. Remember your site is your least expensive salesperson but can do wonders.
  3. Start doing business on your site. If you’re selling hard products, setup a catalog and shopping cart. You may need to upgrade your hosting package to get a shopping cart. If you sell services or capture leads, use Caspio Bridge to collect inquiries in a web-based database. We have a few ready-made apps that may fit the bill just fine. Give our support people a call.
  4. Don’t stop there. Use Caspio Bridge to track and follow up with your leads. Our light CRM app supports unlimited users. Plus, it’s totally customizable. This CRM will be the basis of your own Intranet where you and your employees access company databases. A free Caspio Bridge SOHO package includes both items 3 and 4 at no cost.
  5. Use Caspio Bridge to setup additional services for your customers, such as order status/tracking, support and service inquiries. Understand that you can offer great customer service through your web site to save yourself time and money while keeping your customers informed and happy.
  6. Generate traffic. Use SEO and keyword advertising. But even more important, make sure your web site address is on all your material, including traditional ads, direct mail, business cards, letterheads, etc.
  7. Give it time. It will take a while for your web site to take off. Have patience. Use it as your business tool and look at it as the focal point of your customer activity. Keep it fresh and up to date. This will ensure you continue building and improving it, which ultimately serves your customers.