Government Turning to Cloud Computing


Last week, the Obama administration presented its plans to utilize cloud computing to reduce federal IT costs and accelerate innovation. The shift to hosted information management will allow the federal government to free up some of the $75 billion it currently spends on IT, $19 billion of which is taxpayer dollars.

U. S. Postal ServiceThe U.S. Postal Service is already ahead of the curve, recently signing an enterprise-level agreement with Caspio. USPS manages 34,000 retail locations and delivers to every address in the nation – but unlike other agencies, it doesn’t rely on tax dollars to pay for operating expenses. Caspio Bridge will undoubtedly help USPS reduce costs and IT backlogs, while improving information processing time.

Caspio currently serves many government offices at all levels, and the maturity of the platform lends itself well to the strict security and service-level requirements in this sector. Caspio Bridge offers control for all intricate procedures involving secure data storage, organization and retrieval. The platform itself employs multiple layers of security including top-of-the-line firewalls, data encryption, and hosting at a leading SAS-70 certified datacenter. Learn more about our platform security and reliability.

It’s exciting to see a positive shift towards cloud computing at the federal level. Caspio has seen great success with our Fortune-500, SMB, media and education customers, and we look forward to empowering more government organizations as they move to the cloud. Caspio invites government agencies to request a demo today.

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