Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office


A good friend of mine Tom Taulli kindly quoted me on his blog about Google Apps. There is a lot of opinion out there on whether Google can chip away some market from Microsoft Office.

With its extremely wide reach in search, Google’s app offering is bound to have a lot of users.

But is it going to win you and I? I doubt it. For one, I do my computer use on my office desktop, home desktop, or on my laptop. I have Microsoft Office on all these machines and I depend on Office’s performance and richness. If you take Microsoft Office away from me, I simply go for the free and powerful Star Office. Version 8 is really nice. In fact I’m tempted to go for it anyway.

Despite what Google says about the penetration of its apps in small businesses, they are targeting the MySpace generation. The generation who’s main computing device is a mobile phone.

You don’t need Microsoft Office for word processing on a phone. Google Apps fit the bill perfectly. Overtime the same users are going to take Google apps to the workplace.

Microsoft, being an excellent follower these days, will surely come up with a similar offering soon. The question is will the market go with the leader or the follower?

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