Google AdWords Advertisers Maximize Results with Fine-Tuned Action Forms and Lead Management


As online advertising costs and demand for high quality keywords increases smart advertisers seek to get the most from their budget by:

  • improving ads to get more qualified clicks, and
  • improving conversions once visitors reach their site

Improving your conversion rate is a process. You need to study best practices, look at other successful sites, but above all do a lot of AB testing. This includes AB testing your landing pages, call to action, and even your forms.

With Caspio Bridge creating and tweaking web forms is simple. You can try different ideas with forms and play with wording of labels and questions, form length, colors, layout, styles, buttons and graphics.

Next is managing your leads but you don’t need to invest large amounts on a fancy CRM systems. While I cannot divulge names, a Fortune-500 company has recently dropped the leading on-demand CRM provider in favor of a custom Caspio-powered solution primarily because they found that the dizzying array of tabs, links and buttons in that CRM system were distracting their sales staff. Now all the clutter is eliminated in a custom solution built with Caspio. And since Caspio pricing is not based on seats, the saving is very attractive.

Every Caspio Bridge account comes pre-loaded with a basic lead generation form and management app. While it is for demonstration purposes only, many use it as the foundation of their own custom CRM solution.

Don’t forget that Caspio’s Solution Advisors are at hand to consult with you and help you get the most out of your advertising and IT budget.

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