Customer Spotlight: Enterprise Rollout Across Gannett


GannettGannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, has partnered with Caspio. They own a total of 934 publications, including news giant USA Today, and 23 TV stations which reach 20 million households. According to Nielson, Gannett’s total U.S. web audience is over 27.1 million unique visitors. Read the announcement.

We have been working individually with over 50 of Gannett’s newspaper and TV sites since 2006, empowering them to roll out apps that increase traffic to their sites. It’s exciting to see them use Caspio to find new and innovative ways to generate community interaction at a local level.

Michael Jesse at, one of Gannett’s largest newspaper websites, says: “You guys have the product we need right now, and you also have a great team of people behind it.”


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