Count on Caspio’s Track Record and Reliability in Uncertain Times


Coghead customers must have been shocked when they learned yesterday that their platform-as-service provider is shutting down. Unfortunately this is how most venture capitals work. It’s all about their exit strategy. Nothing else matters much. I learned it first hand at my first startup Autoweb.

Self-funded companies like Caspio are driven by different objectives and hold other values. We have been building Caspio one small step at a time for nine years with our own money and hard work. For us, the customer is first, then employees and finally the shareholders. This is how we weathered through the dot com crash years ago while others were forced to shut down.

Today we are stronger than ever before. Our product is mature, our platform is highly-scalable, and our business is flourishing. We are proud of our large base of customers that range from one-person operations to Forune-500 companies, government agencies, universities, non-profits, and over 75% of the largest American newspaper websites.

Upon learning about the shutdown of Coghead, we gathered our team and quickly put together a transition plan for Coghead customers. It’s outlined here.

Caspio also has a fantastic reseller and affiliate program and I invite you to check them out on our website or by calling our partner desk at 650-691-0900 x703.

We are actively hiring! Look up our Bay Area positions on our site or on Craig’s List. Competitor employees are welcome to apply.

Finally, a heart-to-heart word. If Coghead’s investors have left you in the cold, make sure you don’t fall into the hands of another venture-funded company. The days when VC-funding was a positive force are gone. Avoid all the risks of a VC startup and find yourself a vendor with both track record and reliability. We hope we can show you we deserve your trust. Call us up … we’re ready to help.

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