Customer Spotlight: Enterprise Rollout Across Gannett


GannettGannett, the largest newspaper publisher in the United States, has partnered with Caspio. They own a total of 934 publications, including news giant USA Today, and 23 TV stations which reach 20 million households. According to Nielson, Gannett’s total U.S. web audience is over 27.1 million unique visitors. Read the announcement.

We have been working individually with over 50 of Gannett’s newspaper and TV sites since 2006, empowering them to roll out apps that increase traffic to their sites. It’s exciting to see them use Caspio to find new and innovative ways to generate community interaction at a local level.

Michael Jesse at, one of Gannett’s largest newspaper websites, says: “You guys have the product we need right now, and you also have a great team of people behind it.”


Caspio Spotlight: The Herald & Review


The Herald & Review in Decatur, Ill., wanted to add an interactive component to the already successful print coupon campaign being used by the newspaper. The idea was to offer something extra to advertisers and to boost page views on the Web site. So it used Caspio’s tools to create an online coupon page that delivered on both counts. Despite a scarcity of the sophisticated coding skills needed to create a database, the staff experienced easy going using Caspio Bridge. It let them do the job themselves to create an attractive and effective online application. All that work on their part is good news for you because the Herald-Review is willing to share the finished web app for free with other Caspio clients [Request the App]. That means no development time on your part, yet you can reap all the rewards by using an application that’s already been real world tested – now that’s a sure recipe for success. Or, if you prefer, you can easily create your own web app with Caspio’s leading do-it-yourself database platform. Caspio makes it easy for anyone by furnishing the right tools to do the job and plenty of real time support for the times you need some quick assistance.


QUICKBITS: Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker, Webmaster, The Herald-Review

“We have a printed coupon piece we do four times a year. We call it ‘Top Ads.’ We wanted something to go with it that was interactive and that included the ‘e-mail to a friend’ functionality. Caspio provided the right tools to get the job done quickly and economically.

“We had one main goal with the coupon page – and that was page views. We started right off with 3,000 page views a month. That’s good for something we are just starting out. And as the awareness grows, so will the response.

“I really like using Caspio. And when I needed help in the beginning, I found that Caspio’s online chat feature was a very quick way to get answers to my questions. And, I’ll tell you; the people at Caspio are knowledgeable. We’ve been able to solve every problem we ran into using the chat function.”

Caspio database brings more page views than the Paris Hilton story


Last week at the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) conference in Phoenix, Ryan Konig, a Senior Reporter for The Arizona Republic (and a new Caspio Bridge customer), told the audience that their database of executive compensation which he recently deployed to the newspaper’s web site using Caspio Bridge generated more page views than the “Paris Hilton Goes to Jail” story.

Ryan Konig (right) of The Arizona Republic
Sr. Reporter Ryan Konig (right) of The Arizona Republic, which was the host of the IRE 2007 Conference in Phoenix.

The public counts on newspapers for local data and online media sites are increasingly using Caspio Bridge as an easy and cost effective way of building searchable databases.