Reduce SPAM, and Eliminate Data Chaos for Free


Most web hosting companies give their customers a CGI for email forms. You make a form and use their CGI to have the submissions emailed to you.

There are two major problems with this approach. The first is that with most of these CGIs your email address is in the source code of the form and accessible to email harvesters. If you have one of these forms on your site, chances are your email account is full of junk.

The second problem is that all your submissions are in your email folders and unless you manually cut and paste your emails to a database your submissions are scattered among hundreds or thousands of emails.

You can have both of these problem solved with Caspio Bridge. Forms created with Caspio Bridge never contain your email address, even if you have configured them to send you notification emails. Furthermore, since all you submissions are stored in your Caspio Bridge database, you can destroy your notification emails knowing that at any time you can run searches and reports on your database or export your data.

The success and efficiency of your company is largely dependent on your systems and processes. Caspio Bridge gives you the most critical tool for your business web site, and the SOHO accounts are completely free.