Migrating Microsoft Access Programs to Web


Many companies have aging internal applications that are built on Microsoft Access. There is tremendous appeal in making these applications web-based so they can be accessed from outside the office.

Caspio provides the fastest and easiest way to transform Access applications into web-based applications:

  • The Caspio Bridge user interface is designed to be familiar to Access users.
  • Access data can be imported directly into Caspio Bridge.
  • Caspio’s wizards for creating DataPages (i.e. web forms, searchable databases and other components for web sites) are designed to be easy to follow and intuitive.
  • Caspio’s plugin for Microsoft Office can keep a local Access database in synch with your online Caspio account.

Most importantly, Caspio’s Solution Advisors are very familiar with Access-to-web migrations and are ready to provide assistance and consultation.

Consultants specialized in Microsoft Access solutions find Caspio a powerful complementary addition to their toolbox.

Caspio Bridge User Interface
The 100% AJAX web-based user interface of Caspio Bridge is designed to be intuitive for Microsoft Access users.

IT Consultants Expand Their Business with Caspio


Caspio has proven to be a good source of revenues and new opportunities for IT consulting firms. About 25% of Caspio’s new accounts are created by firms who value-add their own services to the Caspio platform. These professionals fall into two categories, creative firms and developers:

Graphic designers, advertising agencies and public relations firms use Caspio solutions to provide value-added services to their clients and complement their core services. Caspio gives them the simplicity and cost-effectiveness that was never available. Typical scenarios include:

  • Bid on entire projects rather than just the design aspects.
  • Enhance core offering such as ad agencies who now bundle lead generation into creative design services.
  • Profit from signing large and complex projects and outsourcing them to Caspio’s quick and cost-effective Professional Services.

Developers on the other hand have realized that with Caspio they can expand their business without adding new headcounts or incur additional costs. They benefit from their relationship with Caspio in several ways:

  • As a new tool in their toolbox that is applied to relevant projects.
  • An easy way to increase business volume by building apps faster than before.
  • Deploy Caspio’s ready-made solutions to their clients to generate recurring revenues.
  • Create “application templates” that can be easily customized and deployed again and again for new customers.

We are expanding our programs for consultants in the coming months with services designed to help them succeed with less effort. However, the time to expand your consulting business with Caspio is now. Information about Caspio’s current programs can be found at http://www.caspio.com/partners/.