Caspio Bridge – a fast yet safe route over troubled waters


It’s been too long since we’ve talked here – but luckily it has been a busy time at Caspio and that’s kept me away from the blog. As I read through the entries again I was hit by how often I’ve talked about speed.

And I started to think about the paradox of speed – how necessary it is in business and how dangerous it can be. After all, moving fast can be the difference between an opportunity realized and one that is lost. But I also was struck by the difference between being fast and being recklessly hasty. You must move quickly, yet out-of-control speed can kill, whether it is on the highway or in the board room.

Some companies – in an effort to get speed from overworked IT departments – are tempted to trust the success of their idea to applications rushed to development with inadequate time for thinking. That often means a hurried up specification process. Here‘s more about that danger.

You don’t have to be a software genius to know the most important part of creating an application is carefully working out just what it should do and how it’ll do it. Yet, in a job rushed through IT, that dangerous corner is sometimes cut.

Blitz development is ripe with the opportunity for error or a poorly conceived application. At best, it can amount to an expensive way to do things. At worst? You spend time and money on an application that is doomed from the start.

In an effort to go to market fast organizations can put their projects in a downward spiral that amounts to no more than a major sinkhole for time and money. It’s interesting isn’t it? You have to go fast to take advantage of a tiny window of opportunity. Yet, if you ignore safety in the rush you can crash and burn.

Luckily, there’s an art to moving fast safely.

Caspio Bridge provides that elegant solution. Its inherent advantage of safe speed means – even on the tightest of schedules – that there’s plenty of time for the specification process. But that’s just the start of what it offers.

Since Caspio Bridge creates a prototype fast you have the luxury of using it as a real world test bed to fine tune even the best thought out ideas with a tiny investment of time and money. The prototype can be changed with a few clicks of the mouse making it is easy to test various approaches. Ordinary users, without help from IT, can try out ways to make it even better with no risk and little investment. If a new idea works, that’s great. If not, you can move quickly to the next approach without spending a lot of time and money.

The amazing fact is that your prototype is actually the final product and is good for production. You can roll it out to all your users instantly.

The need for speed is greater than ever. But so is the need to spend your development time and money wisely.  Caspio Bridge can be a bridge over troubled waters – giving you a proven platform that lets you move quickly and safely to grab an opportunity before it vanishes.

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