I was born in the 1960’s in Tehran, Iran. As a young adult who believed in the Baha’i Faith in the Islamic Republic of Iran, I was lucky to be alive and had no reason to complain that I was denied permission to attend university.

In 1986 I decided that I’ve had enough persecution and decided to leave my fatherland for a brighter future. However, Baha’is could not get passports and I had no choice but to hire a smuggler to leave Iran. Later that year I crossed the border and entered into Pakistan without any papers. My hope was to be recognized as a religious refugee by the UNHCR , the United Nations’ agency for refugees.

The two years that I lived in Lahore, Pakistan, while financially difficult times, were some of the best years of my life. I was among 2000 other Iranian Baha’i youth all awaiting asylum from the countries who had opened their doors to us, including Australia, Canada and the United States. My brother and I landed at the San Francisco airport in June 1988 with only $70 between the two of us.

My first priority was to get the education I could not get in my own country. I had no time to waste, so I began studying at Modesto Junior College immediately and later transferred to California State University, Chico where I received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 1994.

After a short period at Microsoft Corporation working on PowerPoint, I partnered with my brother Payam to start, an online car buying service that is still one of the primary sources of information and services for buying new and used cars. Autoweb went public in 1999 and I left a few months later to start Caspio.

The idea behind Caspio was a simple one. Companies of all sizes waste enormous amount of time and money to build web forms, searchable databases and web applications, usually by coding them one-line-at-a-time. I had witnessed IT departments backlogged by these mundane jobs at Pacific Bell, Microsoft and Autoweb.

At Caspio we wanted to give people the ability to create web database applications through an easy to use point-and-click system that eliminated all programming. This system had to remove all complexities surrounding the creation, launch, and upkeep of day to day applications every business needs.  The result was Caspio Bridge, the leading platform that is now used by Fortune-500, government, universities, non-profits and small and medium-sized business to create web forms, searchable databases and web apps quickly, without programming and without requiring help from IT departments. Apps built with Caspio work on any web site, hosted anywhere. And we ensured that these apps can scale up to support as many users and as much traffic as necessary.

We have just scratched the surface on what we can bring to our customers. The future holds a lot of exciting new capabilities as we continue to innovate.

I cannot ask for a better job. Caspio is my passion and serving our customers and seeing them succeed is my daily source of fulfillment and energy.

I am married with a lovely wife and we have three wonderful children.